AIOP NT - Dante St James - Personal Branding - Thursday 20 January 2022

When we think of influencers, we think of bikinis, gym selfies, waterfalls in Bali and product placement of protein powders and slimming teas. But there is a very different kind of influence when it comes to the professional world. And it's less about sharing selfies, and more about sharing expertise. The art of positioning yourself for career and business success online isn't just headshots and pull-up banners. It's about identifying your niche, finding your tribe and showing the world why you are worth taking notice of.
In this session that is designed to help you start on your way to personally and professionally branding yourself online, digital skills trainer and personal branding consultant Dante St James will:
1. Show you how to select digital platforms that match your career objectives
2. Guide you along the process of forming and promoting a personal and professional brand
3. Introduce you to a simple and repeatable method for engaging, educating and exciting followers into action
4. Provide strategies around how to maintain and protect your brand and yourself online
20/01/2022 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
AUS Central Standard Time
Regus Level 5 66 Smith Street Darwin City, NT 0800 AUSTRALIA

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