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5 Reasons to Join AIOP

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As an Institute we have reaffirmed our commitment to our members and strive to deliver:

  • Professional Development Opportunities for members
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to an online network of like-minded professionals (various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Enhancement of the profession and the ability to use post nominals assessed by your years of service and education qualifications
  • Quarterly National e-Newsletter - "Leading the Way".

We deliver a range of events nationally including:

  • Webinars
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • National Conference
  • Networking Events
  • On Line Events

We also partner with other organisations to provide discounts for our members to attend other events at reduced rates.    


Graded Member Benefit

In 1963, the IPSA National Counsel awarded members who met the criteria of years of service and/or possessed a requisite qualification with post-nominal letters.  Professional societies or educational institutes award post-nominal letters.   

Today, AIOP’s National Board awards members with post-nominal letters for each graded membership level.   The abbreviation displayed after a person’s name denotes the level of membership including years of service and/or a qualification which the member has achieved.

"Post-nominal letters, also called post-nominal initials, post-nominal titles or designatory letters, are letters placed after a person's name to indicate that the individual holds a position, academic degree, accreditation, office, military decoration, or honour, or is a member of a religious institution or fraternity". Jul 14 2019

AIOP's post-nominal letters boost your professional profile and provide national recognition of your office/administrative skills.   

There are three graded membership post-nominal letters options, providing professional recognition: FAIOP (Fellow), Associate Fellow (AFAIOP) Member (MAIOP)  


All members receive the AIOP NATIONAL quarterly boutique e-Newsletter “Leading the Way”.

AIOP is pleased to announce a new general member pricing incentive. Further details regarding this membership is available from the National Membership Director, .


Pro-rata membership discount DOES NOT apply to first year General Members, Student or Affiliates of AIOP. Quarter four (4) membership is extended until 30 June of the following year.

October – December:
New members who join in October – December receive a 25% discount, is a financial member until 30 June.

January – March:
New members who join in January – March receive a 50% discount, is a financial member until 30 June.

April – June:
New members who join between April – June, membership is valid until the end of the following financial year, e.g a new member who joins in April 2019, is a financial member until 30 June 2020 (15 months of membership).   


There is an appropriate grade for all Administrative Professionals.


Membership renewals are due annually on 1 July. If you haven’t received your renewal notice please email Melissa Macri, National Membership Officer, M: 0404 024 371, E:

If members don’t have/receive a copy of the renewal email with a renewal link please email so the link can be emailed to you to renew your membership.

Note: Membership applications are reviewed at our regular Membership Committee Meetings.  Depending on when your application is received (in relation to meeting dates) this period may be longer than anticipated. Accepted payment  include Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

If you have any questions about membership or the processing of your application, please email: National Membership Director