AIOP National Webinars / On Line Events 2020

October 2020 National Webinar, FREE to Members, details available by 30 September. 2020     


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MARCH, 11 March

APRIL, 29 April


MAY, 20 May  

JUNE, 12 June    


JULY, 8 July

AUGUST, 12 August 


SEPTEMBER, 9 September


OCTOBER, 21 October (lunch time)

NOVEMBER, 11 November

Jane Jackson, Career Clarity Vision for 2020

Worldwide Webinar with Lucy Brazier, Executive Secretary Live, A Changing World and Your Place in it. 

Liz Van Vliet, My EA Career, Owning your Leadership Strength … so you can hit the ground running in a post lockdown workplace. 

Rizvi Mridha, Co-Founder & Albert Chu, Head of Growth, HAMPR, Ditch the old way of ordering for your office.  

Education Panel, From the Classroom to the Workforce … the steps taken to ensure students are ready for this journey.

Dr Jenny Brockis, Emerging from the Bunker … How to make returning to the Office Safe and Successful.

Ron Gibson, Go Networking, Building your Connections …  Through better Communication.

Athena Iliades, DFP Recruitment Service Pty Ltd, (topic to be advised). 

Amanda Vinci, The EA Institute - (Topic to be advised).