AIOP National Board Members

Christine Stewart FAIOP, National President, Chair/Board of Directors

Wayde Walker, Vice President

Valerie O’Neill AFAIOP, National Finance Director/Acting Company Secretary 

Tina O'Connor AFAIOP, Director/Sponsorship Officer 

Christine Heness FAIOP, Director/Education Officer 

Liz Van Vliet, Director/Promotions 

Ron Gibson, Non-Executive Director/Marketing-Leads

Kate Duncan, Non-Executive Director/Membership


AIOP Past National President 

Sue McComasky, MAIOP

AIOP National Officers

Heather Batchelor, National Administration Officer (Secretariat)

Christine Heness FAIOP, National Education Officer 

Tina O'Çonnor AFAIOP, National Sponsorship Officer

Wayde Walker FAIOP, Special Projects Officer 

Fulvia Lorenzon FAIOP, National Membership Officer

Christine Stewart FAIOP, National E-Newsletter Editor

Vivian Hatiras, National Promotions Officer (Social Media)




Contact the National President, [email protected] for more information about the vacant positions.


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