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Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated

The Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated – Te Kawarangi (AAPNZ Inc.) is a voluntary national association administered by its members, for its members. AAPNZ Inc. is a not-for-profit, voluntary national association governed by a National Executive Team (NET) made up of the National President, two Vice-Presidents and the Regional Leaders for Northern, Central and Southern regions. 


The World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) was endorsed by the 55 Delegates from 28 countries at the 11th WA-Summit Zoom Business Meeting held on 30/31 August 2020. The Agenda for the Business Meeting meeting focused primarily on endorsing the WA-Alliance.

The WA-Alliance replaces the former informal body the WA-Summit Advisory Council.

Helen Monument was endorsed as the WA-Alliance Interim Chair and will be working with the newly recruited members of the Interim Governing Council (Council). These new Council members were introduced through social media, were endorsed at the 30/31 Business Meeting, and are:

During 2020 the Delegates from 2018 were consulted on the type of structure being considered and the name of “World Administrators Alliance”. Their input enabled finalising of the Bylaws, and Incorporation was completed in April 2020.

The new structure requested by the 2018 Delegates, after consultation, aims to:

  • better support the purpose … to guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative community
  • provide continued advocacy
  • provide greater global leadership

The WA-Summit Advisory Council – Future Task Force worked for 18 months to develop the requested structure ready for endorsement at the 30/31 August 2020 Business Meeting.

World Administrators Summit Newsletter 2020/09


World-Administrators’ Summit

The World-Administrators’ Summit is a 2-day working session, not a conference.

The 11th WA-Summit Business Session will be held on-line 30 August 2020, the Face-to-face 11th WA-Summit in Wellington New Zealand is rescheduled for May 2021. This is your event and your chance to participate in shaping your profession throughout the world and for the future. We appreciate your input-on discussion topics and your views through surveys and online engagement enabling that discussion to take place meaningfully.

Postponed August 2020 to May 2021

In 1992 Professional Secretaries International (now International Association of Administrative Professionals – IAAP) hosted a meeting that brought together the leaders of the various associations throughout the world to participate in an international summit to discuss global issues affecting secretarial staff.  The first two International Secretarial Summits were hosted in the United States in Portland and then New York.  Since then they have been hosted in South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, New Zealand again and in 2015 Papua New Guinea.   Summits have been held approximately every three years since 1992 and at each summit a bid has been put forward for hosting the following summit. In 2015 New Zealand was the only country to put forward a bid. They graciously allowed an approach to be made to the northern hemisphere to seek a bid. EUMA provided a bid for 2018 which was accepted and New Zealand’s bid stands for 2021.


AIOP is a member of Associations Forum

15th Annual Associations Forum National Conference 

15 - 16 December 2020, Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

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