Don’t Ignore Social Media!

Did you know that in today’s world, social media is the most used form of communication than any other form out there.

Some of the most popular used social media platforms that many businesses use is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You might now be thinking; how can workplaces use social media? Well, here is a brief run down:


Of course, there’s no surprise that Facebook is the biggest social media site on the internet. There are billions of people all over the world using Facebook for many different purposes. Businesses use Facebook as a way to market an advertise their company. Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy and its easy and simple to use. Set up a facebook page, engage with your customers and share new initiatives and events. Just do be sure to respond to any customer enquiries or comments in a timely (and friendly) fashion.


Post and Follow! The Instagram craze is the most popular around at the moment amongst all generation. As they say, picture tells a thousand words, well Instagram is defiantly a social media platform that is made to do this. Instagram is particularly useful for companies in the creative industries, anything where you can easily tell a story through pictures and photographs.


This is another great social media platform as it allows businesses to interact with new connections. It is a fantastic networking tool for individuals to connect with suppliers, other industry professionals or just generally grow their network. Company pages can also be useful as a tool for sharing updates, information, job opportunities and more.

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