The Australian Institute of Office Professionals is a national organisation run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about contributing to their profession as well as their own personal development and that of their colleagues.



Sue McComasky, National President and Chair, Board of Directors

Christine Stewart, Company Secretary and Director

Lisa Jolliffe, National Finance Director

Linda Primavera, Director

Rose Davis, Director

Christine Stewart, National E-Newsletter Editor

Melissa Macri, National Membership Officer

Carole Hutchens, National Education Officer


Elvira Mazza, President

Lisa Joliffe, Administration Officer & Finance Officer

New South Wales

Melissa Macri, President

Vera Brinkel, Administration Officer

Irene Prorellis, Finance Officer

Leigh Macklan, Publications Officer


Stephanie Paulissen, President

Maria Wallace, Administration Officer

South Australia

Kristen Mackenzie, President

Carole Hutchens, Vice President

Sarah Cowan, Membership & Administration Officer

Linda Primavera, Finance Officer

Alison Santorelli, Committee Member

Bev Skeen, Committee Member

Kathleen Zummo, Committee Member

Northern Territory

Christine Heness, President

Lee Keller, Administration Officer

Jenny Washington, Finance Officer

Western Australia

Shervaun Steenson, President

Sonia Mackay, Administration Officer

Pina Martino, Membership Officer

Lorraine Jones, Committee Member

Anat Pinkasy, Committee Member

Glenda Hickey, Committee Member


There are several vacancies on our committee of management. If you would like to join us and contribute to your profession please send through an expression of interest to the appropriate chapter president. View our contact page for contact details.